Pedal into India’s rich culture !

They say that the best way to both fully understand the people and experience the culture is by cycling to the villages and the towns in a region. This is why our cycling tours in India are designed for all types of travellers. For the independent traveller we have self-guided tours where you are supported with a driver and a back up van. With spares, tools, notes, maps and wifi, there is nothing more to ask for. The luxury of having a guide suits all those travellers looking to experience the best on the tour where local perspectives and interactions are more important apart from well set bikes each day, recommendations and suggestions of the best fruits, meals and dishes in each destination as well as nitty-gritty facts and surprises. Each destination has been thoroughly studied and it is possible to offer any type of accommodation from hostel dorms, home-stays, jungle lodges, dome-tents, camps, hotels, resorts, bungalows and palaces.

Best Seasons:Year-round
Popular Location:Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, Sikkim

Bike Tours

    A Coastal Tour of Kerala

    Cycle Tours

    16 Days : The Malabar Coast is a long and narrow coastline on the south-western shore line of the mainland Indian subcontinent.This ...

    from $ 2,150
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    Bike to the Far East of India

    Cycle Tours

    13 Days : Today we have a beautiful route ahead of us. Smaller roads take us from the Tai Pakhe villages towards the territories of the Singpho ...

    from $ 2,610$ 2,499

      A South Indian Decoction

      Cycle Tours

      14 Days :  A very great opportunity to cycle through the countryside and to experience the South Indian way of life. Our journey on a bicycle ...

      from $ 2,450
      Cycling Holiday in Kerala

        The Spices Trail of Kerala

        Cycle Tours

        10 Days : If spices intrigue you, then this 10 day biking trip from Cochin is your right choice. Be astonished or rather wait to be astonished ...

        from $ 1,550

          A Beachy Cycle Tour to Goa

          Cycle Tours

          15 Days : This South India cycling tour ends on the golden sandy beaches of Goa. The ride takes you through the hilly Western Ghats passing a few ...

          from $ 2,800

            Cycle to Temples in India

            Cycle Tours

            15 Days : This tour will take you through the heart of Southern India from the east coast at Chennai also known as Madras to the west coast at Cochin ...

            from $ 2,400